Motofina 2019


Thank you to everyone who exhibited bikes at Motofina 2019, and to the community who came out to see the show! This year’s show drew a bigger crowd than last and we hope to keep that momentum moving forward. At one point during the afternoon an entire busload of students showed up and flooded the space along with the rest of the visitors, and we were thrilled to see our usually “quiet” warehouse space full of people.

This was our second year hosting a vintage motorcycle show in our Rufiina Brewhouse and it turned out be a diverse line up of amazing bikes. We featured pre-1979 bikes and Fred Aiker’s very cool jaguar. We also set up a satellite beer bar in the brewhouse, and finished out the day with a show by Danny T and The Stealing Thunder Band, who were celebrating their album release.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award was Beth Hornbein’s 1967 Ducati Elite, with Slade’s 1960 custom built bike coming in second.


Next year we will keep the tradition running and feature pre-1980 motorcycles, and plan to hold the event on June 28, 2020, on the Sunday following Father’s Day.

We meant to get photos of all the bikes but got busy pouring beer! … and ended up missing quite a few. If you have pictures of that day you would like to contribute to this gallery, please feel free to email them to Mariah, at mariah[at] In addition, we would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for Motofina 2020.

Thank you and see you all next year!

*all photos by Mariah Cameron Scee unless otherwise noted

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