Hella Bella!
8:00 PM20:00

Hella Bella!


Rufina Taproom presents:

\\\ Hella Bella ///

New Mexico's favorite drag rock cover band!

Hella Bella stars drag queen, Bella Gigante, featuring Joe Buffaloe on lead guitar, Sarah Meadows on bass, and Linda Strauss on cello and rhythm guitar, with Clark Libby on drums.

Saturday, October 26th // 8pm // All Ages // FREE

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Nightmare On Rufina Street!
7:00 PM19:00

Nightmare On Rufina Street!


Rufina Taproom & Matron Records presents:

Nightmare on Rufina Street!


Westin McDowell & The Lovecats as

The Cure

Chicharra as

Music of the Labyrinth

Future Scars + Holy Garden District as


Thralls as

Fleetwood Mac

+Pop-up Market & a Costume Contest!!

Friday, 11/1 // 7pm // All Ages // FREE!

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Bethlehem Steel / Full Speed Veronica / The Ordinary Things
8:00 PM20:00

Bethlehem Steel / Full Speed Veronica / The Ordinary Things

#TuesdayNightDraftPunx is back with Brooklyn's Bethlehem Steel & locals Full Speed Veronica (Santa Fe) & The Ordinary Things (ABQ).

Tuesday, November 12th // 8pm // FREE!

\\\ Bethlehem Steel //

Bethlehem Steel formed in 2012 out of a long-time friendship that singer/guitarist Rebecca Ryskalczyk, drummer Jonathan Gernhart and bassist Patrick Ronayne forged through nights spent at the Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium. Taking stock of your experiences and your emotional health in solitude can be an empowering task, but enlisting the assistance of allies certainly never hurts, and Bethlehem Steel’s sophomore album is a testament to the value of togetherness in difficult times. Rebecca Ryskalczyk and Christina Puerto’s collaborative energy provide the animating force behind their self-titled sophomore album, a release that serves as guide, of sorts, for those reaching towards self-empowerment, and an illustration of the transformative power of female friendship as a force in overcoming trauma.

Bethlehem Steel is the follow-up to Party Naked Forever, a 2017 release praised by outlets like NPR, The FADER and Stereogum, is an exhilarating listen, and with the transition from a trio to a four piece, it’s the sound of the band finding another gear as they change shape and mature as songwriters and musicians. Out September 13 on Exploding In Sound Records.

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North by North / Jessie Deluxe / Vonnie Kyle
8:00 PM20:00

North by North / Jessie Deluxe / Vonnie Kyle


Rufina Taproom Presents:

North By North / Jessie Deluxe / Vonnie Kyle

Friday, November 15th // 8pm // All Ages // FREE

\\\ North by North ///

Hailing from the land of brutal winters and deep dish pizza, North by North have developed their own brand of infectious, spastic yet finely-honed rock and roll. They seamlessly toe the line between 3 minute garage pop anthems and your dad’s favorite “prog-rock deep cuts” cassette tape, with plenty of hooks to spare.

TOUR >> www.bandsintown.com/northbynorth

BANDCAMP >> www.northbynorth.bandcamp.com

INSTAGRAM >> www.instagram.com/northbynorthmusic

\\\ Jessie Deluxe ///


Jessie Deluxe Fiery front woman, dynamic vocals and epic performances, heavy melodic rock. Her songwriting is dynamic and powerful featuring choruses that, “lift you high in the air and then smash you back down to the ground.” This is in your face rock n’ roll adding her own unique edge.

Jessie packs an authoritative punch with her various styles of singing, from Rock, Punk to Opera and hints of Death Metal. As she shreds on her Flying V, she commands the audience with the conviction of a rock icon. Joining her on the drums is Chris Raetz (The Hammeritz) and on Bass is Diego Velazquez (Disasterman). It is no surprise, these rockers have become well known for high energy shows and electric performances.

As for her background, Jessie has worked with producers such as Dave Jerden ( Janes Addiction, Rolling Stones, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs, Black Flag) and David Rowntree (Drummer for Blur). Her influences range from, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Mr. Bungle and Green Jello.

The band recently recorded in Joshua Tree at Rancho De La Luna with Dave Catchings (Queens of the Stone age, Eagles of Death Metal, Mojave Lords) and with John Russo (Mark Lanegan, Failure, Masters of Reality, CKY). Look out for concert dates and album releases at www.jessiedeluxe.com orwww.foxwhitemusic.com and subscribe to the email list to be notified by email first! Thank you and ROCK ON!!!!

\\\ Vonnie Kyle ///


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Goon // Fibber // +TBA
8:00 PM20:00

Goon // Fibber // +TBA

Goon // Fibber // +TBA
Mon. 11/25 --- Rufina Taproom
8pm // All Ages // FREE

\\\ Goon ///

The walls of Kenny Becker’s apartment are vivid landscapes of color. The frontman ofthe LA-based indie rock quartet Goon is also an accomplished painter, and hesurrounds himself with the fruits of his labor—a series of landscapes, portraits, andabstract pieces united by the vibrancy of their shared primary color palette.Many of these lively pieces, however, were made at a time when the artist feltanything but. Becker suffers from a rare medical condition that periodically deadenshis sense of smell and hearing, which for years shaded his day-to-day life with a dullpallor. “I basically just felt sick all the time,” says Becker. “When it gets really bad, Ican’t even taste.” The paintings, therefore, are, like his music, aspirational—embedded with a sense of longing for something known but not always felt.In the middle of the room—the centerpiece of an otherwise spartan setup—isBecker’s home studio. A small arsenal of guitars, synthesizers, tape machines andrecording equipment surround the deskwhere he wrote and recorded Goon’s latestEP,Happy Omen, a collection of emotive, cautiously optimistic songs about longing,loneliness, and self-doubt. A standout track, the gorgeous, soaring “She,” was chosenby Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Droste as the first track on his “Favorite Songs of 2017”Spotify playlist.The slow-burning Omen is a sonic counterpoint to Goon’s first release: 2016's Duskof Punk, a grittier, sludgier outing that paired Becker’s distinct DIY aesthetic with hisformidable songwritingchops and affinity for earworm melodies. This winningcombination earned high marks from Rolling Stone, Spin, Fader, and BBC Radio Six.The two self-released EPs will be reissued together as a package this year byPartisan, who will also release the bands’ debut full length, due in early 2019. The LPsees Becker stepping out of the bedroom and into the studio with bandmates DrewEccleston, Caleb Wicker, and Christian Koons, who, together, continue to build onGoon’s reputation as one of LA’s must-see liveacts.In the meantime, Becker is newly optimistic. A recent successful surgery drasticallyimproved his symptoms, and the effects were felt almost instantly. “I knew it workedas soon as I woke up,” says Becker. “I feel like I’ve entered a new chapter of health.”

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Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band // Luther Vincent
8:00 PM20:00

Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band // Luther Vincent


Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band // Luther Vincent

Monday, Oct 7th // Rufina Taproom
8pm // Free // All Ages

Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band:

The hobo drifter, son of a grifter, Johnny Lawhorn, makes his way through speakeasies and gutters across the underbelly of America. While in Kansas City, Missouri, he forges the bluegrass group, The Pentagram String Band.

With a touring lineup of banjo, washboard, guitar and hillbilly harmonies, their live shows are intense and lovesick. A tug-of-war between carnage and consequence.

Luther Vincent
Luther Vincent is a compelling singer and guitar player with sexy delivery, blending folk styles to form a unique soulful sound. With his honest and melodic lyrics, he captivates
audiences and embodies pure rock n roll.

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BrewTapBoomBap: Def-i, Senor Gigio, St. Nobody, SpaceMob + More!
8:00 PM20:00

BrewTapBoomBap: Def-i, Senor Gigio, St. Nobody, SpaceMob + More!


Outstanding Citizens Collective Presents:
-BrewTapBoomBap 4-
A monthly hip-hop community event with no cover!

hosted by Landon Wordswell & O.G. Willikers

Featuring performances by:
Def-i -ABQ, NM
Spacemob Spacecadets -Santa Fe, NM
St. Nobody -Las Cruces, NM
Señor Gigio -Bay Area, CA

$50 Beat Battle:
Che Gxtxe vs. BlesInfinite
El Güero vs. UBO

Plus a pop-up vendor market hosted by City Different Commons featuring:

Earth & Anchor Soap Co.
Eastside Remedios
NM14 Outpost
Ora Louise Boutique
Retrieve Fashion
+ more

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