Our Beers

St. George IPA (India Pale Ale)
An American style of the super premium English pale ale originally developed to survive the long trip to India. .
O.G. 1.062, ABV 6.0%, IBU 60
A strong German style lager guaranteed to chase away the chill of winter. This lager boasts a full bodied toasted caramel malt flavor, complimented by traditional noble German hops. En Prosit!
O.G. 1.075, ABV 7.5%, IBU 26
No Hoppy Hour Specials, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
Scotch Ale
Inspired by the Scotch Ales of over a century ago, this strong ale boasts a big and complex malt palette from caramel malt, chocolate malt, and cherry wood smoked Scotch distillers malt from the U.K. Scotland is very good at growing barley but not hops, so true to style there is hust a hint of hop profile in this ale.
O.G. 1.072, ABV 7.4%, IBU 22
No Hoppy Hour Specials, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
Cream Stout
This stout is inspired by the sweeter English style and is hopped with fuggles and is fermented with an authentic English yeast strain.
O.G. 1.055, ABV 5.2%, IBU 23
Glacier Pale Ale
Another one of our many styles of American pale ales featuring distinctive new varieties of hops from Washington state. Refreshingly bittered and late hopped bringing out the bittering qualities and aromatics of this fine hop.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1,%, IBU 30
This clean light straw colored ale is much like a lager. It is fermented colder than most of our ales, though not as cold as a true lager. We also use German noble hop varieties to accentuate the lager-like qualities of this great summer beer.
O.G. 1.042, ABV 4.6%, IBU 17
German Altbier
This is the “old” style of ale that the area around Düsseldorf, Germany is famed for. This brew is marked by a refreshing bittersweet beginning followed by a mingling of caramel flavor and spicy aromatic German hallertau noble hops. We brought in a traditional  yeast strain from a Düsseldorf brewery just for this beer.
O.G. 1.054,  ABV 5.5%, IBU 30
Anniversary Ale
Big in every way and brimming with complexity the anniversary ale is brewed every year in commemoration of our anniversary on Dec. 6th, 1996. Dark and deep in color this ale is full of the flavors of dried fruit, caramel, and spice from the use of seven different hops from England, Germany and Washingtom state.
O.G. 1.070, ABV 6.9%, IBU 55
No Hoppy Hour Specials, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
British Mild
An old traditional style beer that is very moderate in alcoholic strength, full flavored and interesting. Ours has nice deep flavors from caramel, chocolate, and black patent malts. A subdued hop character is provided by Mt. Ranier and East Kent Golding Hops.
O.G. 1.044, ABV 4.3%, IBU 18
Summit Pale Ale
This is an American style pale ale with a new northwest hops called summit hops and an English yeast strain. A great hoppy alternative to the IPA. This beers hops are noticeably fruity and complex with hints of spice and citrus.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1,%, IBU 30
Festivus Ale
“For the rest of us” A full bodied reddish brown ale, with a super malty backbone, piney citrus flavor and a dry finish. This beer has cascade, chinook, and centennial hops.
OG 1.060, ABV 6%, IBU 40
Imperial Porter
This is a “brewpubbers” beer. Imperial means stronger and were not kidding with this beer, but don’t be afraid because we use chinook, cascade, English target, and golding’s hops along with Fullers yeast to make this a wonderful extra robust porter .
O.G. 1.068, ABV 6.6%, IBU 45
No Hoppy Hour Specials, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
Our rendition of a pacific northwest classic. Brewed with six different kinds of malt for a deep complex malt profile and balanced with three additions of Cascade and Mt. Hood hops. This ale has and enjoyable fruity citrus finish
O.G. 1.056, ABV 5.6%, IBU 30
Imperial Stout
It’s time again for that wonderful liquid food known as the Imperial Stout! First brewed all over Great Britain for Russia’s Imperial Court. With nearly twice the ingredients as our normal stout, it is roasty and velvety smooth with lots of alcoholic complexity.
O.G. 1.084, ABV 8%, IBU 55
No Hoppy Hours, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
One of the traditional old German style lagers. This is a black lager with a toasty profile. It is lighter in body than a stout and can be clean and refreshing with very satisfying coffee and malt flavors in the finish.
0.G. 1.056, ABV 5.65%, IBU 25
Jordy’s Irish Red
A REAL ruby red medium bodied brew with lovely caramel malt flavors and a hint of chocolate. Topped with a mild and pleasant fuggle hop infusion, this ale will go down smooth. Sure to bring out your inner leprechaun.
O.G. 1.059, ABV 5.8%, IBU 28
Traditionally released in the spring, the lightest in color, and the most recent addition to the Bock beers of Germany         (mid 19th century.) This lager brewed with European malt, while pale, is still strong in alcohol and hoppier than the bock or doppelbock styles.
O.G. 1.071, ABV 7.2%, IBU 28
IPA (India Pale Ale)
An American style of the super premium English pale ale originally developed to survive the long trip to India. This beer is hopped in the kettle and dry hopped for a sweet floral finish.
O.G. 1.062, ABV 6.0%, IBU 60
IPA 1000
This awesome IPA is heavy with grapefruit aroma and lots of citrus in general. It has 7 different hop varieties from the U.S., U.K., and Germany, a pale grain bill for a crisp, dry finish, and is dry hopped with glacier and centennial hops.
O.G. 1.064,  ABV 6.3%, IBU 65
Galena Pale Ale
Part of our single hop American pale ale series. This uses the pacific N.W. galena hop variety for an assertive citrus and apricot flavor layered over a pleasant breadiness from a British yeast strain.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1,% IBU 30
Kidder Special Bitter
This bitter was first brewed in 1998 to commemorate the annual Pecos Conference and named after famed archeologist A.V. Kidder. This beer has a complex fruity “nutmeg” aroma and flavor derived from centennial & cascade hops, blended with a rich satisfying caramel malt profile.
O.G. 1.054, ABV 5.4, IBU 30
Bavarian Hefeweizen
The name means “”yeast wheat”. An unusual yeast variety and an almost obscene amount of wheat give this cloudy, German ale it’s “eigenartiges geschmack”. Bold notes of banana, clove and even bubble gum make this beer a summer classic.
O.G. 1.054, ABV 5.8%, IBU 16
Bohemian Pilsner
This full bodied traditional style pale lager features exclusively the renowned saaz hop for which the Czech Republic is famous. This pilz is assertively hopped and has plenty of herbal, grassy saaz character with a dry finish.
O.G. 1.055, ABV 5.4%, IBU 38
Rod’s “Steam” Bitter
Tasty malt sweetness balanced by a crisp finish from a unique combination of pacific NW centennial hops and English Kent Goldings.. Complex and subtle.
O.G. 1.050, ABV 5%, IBU 30
This deep golden, strong lager originated in the town of Dortmund, Germany. Pilsner and Munich malts give a clean crisp flavor, while a generous helping of the finest German hops lend a spicy and balanced bitterness. Caution: at 6.5% ABV too many of these will  put you under the beer hall table.
O.G. 1.060, ABV  6.5,% IBU 30
Otowi Pale Ale
An aromatic pale ale that is brewed with chinook and cascade hops. Featuring a beautiful aroma and citrus character.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1%, IBU 33
Oktoberfest Lager
This very smooth chestnut brown traditional lager features full rich malt flavors along with a pleasant hop spiciness from the noble German hallertau hop. A perfect hearty fall beer that goes great with food.
O.G. 1.050, ABV 5.4%, IBU 21
Pecos Porter
The traditional ale was drank by porters in England. Our porter brewed in the “robust style” is full, roasty, and chocolaty with a slight fruitiness from cascade and centennial hops.
O.G. 1.058, ABV 5.7%, IBU 30
Brown Ale
This beer is more oriented on the American side of brown ales. Not bitter, as the hops are added late during the boil for more of it’s aromatic qualities. Notice the fruity nose and chocolate malt flavors to make this what the staff calls a gentle beer.
O.G. 1.068, ABV 5.4%, IBU 26
Palisades Pale Ale
Another one of our many styles of American pale ales featuring distinctive new varieties of hops from Washington state. Refreshingly bittered and late hopped bringing out fruity apricot and mango flavors and aromatics.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1 %, IBU 30
Tres Equis Lager
Rod’s take on the Mexican classic. This amber lager features two german hop varieties perle and hallertauer. With subtle notes of caramel and toast, this lager pairs well with any of our spicier dishes.
O.G. 1.056, ABV 5.8%, IBU 20
Alternator Doppelalt
A stronger version of our German altbier it has a rich bitter sweet palate from Munich malt balanced by noble German hallertau hops and a hint of cascade hops thrown in for interest. Strong and warming with complex fermentation flavors, it is especially suited for enjoying with food.
O.G. 1.078, ABV 7.9%, IBU 34
No Hoppy Hour Specials, No Imperials, No Pitchers
Growlers $13.25
Cascade Lager
This easy drinking lager is hopped with the coveted cascade hops. Light in color the hops add a bright a fresh aroma to this wonderful beer.
O.G. 1.056, ABV 5.7%, IBU 32
Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
Extra Special Bitter is the premium offering of the traditional English bitter family. The other two are “ordinary” and “special”. Usually not extra bitter on the palate ESB’s feature a very robust caramel malt and fermentation profile. Our’s is brewed with English target and kent golding hops and fermented with a yeast originated from the one and only Fuller’s brewery in London.
O.G 1.057, ABV 5.5%, IBU 28
Vienna Country lager
This is an easy drinking lager, amber red in color, with a little bit of malted wheat making for a nicely balanced beer.
O.G. 1.042,  ABV 4.6%, IBU 17
Rod’s Best Bitter
A “special” drinkable bitter. Tasty malt sweetness balanced by a crisp finish from a unique combination of pacific NW centennial hops and English kent goldings hops. Complex and subtle.
O.G. 1.050, ABV 5%, IBU 30
Citra Pale Ale
Citra (hops) is a new hop variety released in 2008. The aroma is very fruity (citrus fruits especially) with a high acid count (10-12%). This hop was added 4 times to a traditional American pale ale grain bill.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.1,% IBU 30
German Pilsener
This golden lager is a close relative of the more popular Czech style. However it has a lighter malt flavor which allows the noble German hop character to shine through. This beer is a clean, crisp, dry lager with a bright hoppy finish.
O.G. 1.051, ABV  5.1%, IBU 30
Belgian Witbier
A traditional wheat beer brewed using an authentic yeast strain from Belgium. This very refreshing and complex beer is spiced in the kettle with coriander seed, Curacao orange peel and lime peel. True to tradition this beer has a haze from the unique yeast strain.
O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.4%, IBU 14
Ahtanum Pale Ale
Ahtanum (hops) is an aroma-type cultivar bred by Yakima Chief Ranches (Washington state). Its name is derived from the area near Yakima where the first hop farm was established in 1869 by Charles Carpenter. This hop has very similar qualities to the coveted casade hops.
Imperial IPA
A “double” IPA. Brewed with almost half again as much malt and twice as much hops, an uncompromising 4.6 lbs/bbl!! This IPA has a warming complex fermentation profile and a bright citrusy floral hop character from centennial, Citra, and locally grown cascade hops ( from Desmet farms near Los Lunas, NM) Enjoy!
O.G. 1.084, ABV 9%, IBU 75
Golden Ale
An old Second Street Brewery favorite, brought back for your enjoyment. Crystal, saaz, and the much coveted cascade hops lend this clean and crisp ale, a subtle, yet complex aroma and finish.
O.G. 1.046, ABV 5.0%, IBU 13
Railrunner Pale Ale
Light in color, very refreshing, sophisticated floral nose, citrusy hop profile, and complex English yeast character. It is hopped with three signature Washington state hops: columbus, cascade, and centennial.
OG 1.052, ABV 5.2%, IBU 25
Simcoe Pale Ale
This beer is like that time at summer camp when the food fight broke out in the mess hall and you got beaned in the teeth with a grapefruit. Simcoe is a high alpha acid hop. We make four additions throughout the boil to showcase it’s bitterness, flavor and aroma in this newest of our single hop pale ales.
OG 1.052, ABV 6%, IBU 30
Belgo-American Pale Ale
Dry and complex like a Belgian, and hoppy and refreshing like an American pale ale. This beer was fermented with a classic Belgian yeast strain and contains a portion of beet sugar. Hopped with saaz hops from the Czech Republic and the famed cascade hops from Yakima it has a flowery honey and citrus aroma and a very dry almost wine like finish.
OG 1.057, ABV 7.0%, IBU 24
Chinook Pale Ale
This single hopped pale ale displays the fine characteristics of the Chinook hop. Piney and herbal notes with a hint of smokiness. This hop is nice and earthy for the tree hugger in everyone.
O.G. 1.054, ABV 5.6%, IBU 30